In Concert Series

The “In Concert” series is a groundbreaking collaboration between world-renowned artist, Ford Smith and sculptor phenom, Eddie Freeland.

 This is a new art genre, so these works represent an incredible value to a collector with their approachable price points. Presenting as both a painting and glass sculptural relief, you won’t find more cutting edge, superior craftsmanship and artistry for your art dollars than you can at this early stage of these multimedia original paintings.

How are the In Concert paintings created?

 Sculpted by Eddie with recycled glass, resin, Ford Smith archival giclees on canvas and then painted on top of the glass pieces with acrylic paints (or keep your eyes peeled for a just a few that have an “Original Ford” as the foundation painting).

Every “In Concert” sculpted glass painting is hand-signed by both artists, museum wrapped with black painted sides and ready to exhibit.

In Concert Glass Paintings can be shipped anywhere in the world.  Shipping and crating rates vary by size and destination and will be charged separately with no mark-up once established.  Estimated $200-$500.

“Display of Affection In Concert” 36×54

“Spring Fever In Concert” 36×54

“Lively Conversation In Concert” 40×40

“Quilted Fire In Concert” 24×48

“True Meaning In Concert” 40×50


“May I Have This Dance In Concert” 48×60


“Rise Above In Concert” 36×48

“Spontaneous Applause In Concert” 48×60


“Glowing Review In Concert” 30×40


“Hue Topia In Concert” 24×48


“Eternal Optimist In Concert” 30×40

“Carnal Knowledge In Concert” 24×48

“Shards of September In Concert” 48×60

IMG_1014 (2)

“Waves of Passion In Concert” 48 x 48

“Drops of Nature In Concert” 48 x 48


“Breaking Free In Concert” 36 x 36

Spontaneous Frost (2017) 48" x 48"

“Spontaneous Frost In Concert” 48×48  

Awakening Joy (2017) 44" x 56"

“Awakening Joy In Concert” 44×56


Resting Pulse In Concert  24×48

Moment of Clarity (2017) 36" x 48"

“Moment of Clarity In Concert” 36×48

Vivacious Eden (2017)

“Vivacious Eden In Concert” 48×48


“Goodness Prevails In Concert” 24×48


“Living In The Moment In Concert” 40×40

“Autumn Glimmer In Concert” 30×24

“Past Life In Concert” 30×40


“Prismatic Allure In Concert” 48×60