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“It’s been said that artists who break new ground are among the world’s most notable in art history.  In the case of artist phenom, Eddie Freeland, by breaking old glass he’s actually breaking new ground and positioning himself for worldwide recognition as a brilliant and innovative master of two genres in the art industry–sculpture and painting.  A very rare achievement, indeed.”


Cristi Smith, Agent, fine art publisher, art industry columnist, gallery owner and former Fortune 100 retail marketing executive 


An Artistic Triumvirate

An Eddie Freeland sculpted glass painting is easily identified by his use of recycled glass deftly and artfully sculpted atop a painting secured by resin.  But Eddie’s glass abstraction of the art doesn’t stop there.  His painterly skills emerge as he paints the glass with the dexterity of a natural-born talent, often taking license with color.  His goal is to express the foundation art beyond the original image and making it an entirely original work of art with each of his sui generis techniques… painting, sculpture and painting.


An Eddie Freeland original foundation painting varies widely by subject, from landscapes, figures and portraits to skiers, flowers and stadiums, all painted by his own hand, each one an evolution of his talent as he pushes his own boundaries with each new painting. These original works have been collected by representative gallery patrons as well as commissions from longtime admirers who recognized his burgeoning artistic gift.


Collaborating with a World Master… the “In Concert” Series

While musicians have been doing it for centuries, a collaboration is extremely rare in the visual arts.  But when renowned, international artist, Ford Smith, encountered new-to-the-art-scene Eddie Freeland’s work, his respect and admiration was profound.  Their ensuing friendship and mutual appreciation for each other’s talents and abilities led to this revolutionary alliance that would create a dimensional work of art that consummately reveals the primary genius in both artists.

Eddie was a fan of Ford Smith paintings for years, and often “saw” them in three dimensions.  So shortly after the Smiths invited Eddie to exhibit in Ford’s namesake gallery (never before had Ford shared this gallery with another artist), Eddie approached Ford with the idea of allowing him to interpret his distinctive landscape paintings in sculpted glass.  Ford was intrigued, so he consented and the artists got to work.  Eddie consults with Ford on the development of each “In Concert” painting, staying true to this acclaimed artist’s intention, yet also making it an Eddie Freeland work of art, too.

The public reaction was immediate and enthusiastic beyond any expectations.  The earliest viewers literally staggered in awe, marveling at the sight of these dynamic and vibrantly sculpted paintings that seemed to float from the walls, sparkling and grooving light within the geometric, reflective Ford Smith paintings.

Each “In Concert” collaboration is a multimedia original.  Some using a Ford Smith archival giclee, limited edition or, in rare circumstances, some have a Ford Smith original painting as the foundation.  Both artists hand sign each painting.

These sculpted glass “In Concert” with Ford Smith and Eddie Freeland paintings are making their national gallery debut this year in exclusive shows nationally.  Ford has invited Eddie to accompany him on several key art reception and shows as he’s introduced to the public and the industry.

“One of the greatest thrills for any art collector is discovering an artist before they become famous, and now is that time in Eddie’s career.  It’s easy to recognize that his star is on the rise.  Soon Eddie Freeland will be headlining shows and inspiring dedicated collectors from around the world.  He’s earned it”    Artist Ford Smith

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